Pulse Eco -948 Whole House Water Softener (1 - 6) Bathrooms

Calcium and Magnesium can cause trouble in your home if it is allowed to go untreated and build-up in your plumbing appliances and fixtures.  The Pulse Eco series uses a process that crystalizes the Calcium and Magnesium so that it reduces the ability to attach to hard surfaces such as glass or porcelain.  One of the benefits of the Pulse Eco series is that it leaves the Calcium and Magnesium in the water, so that you have fresh clean water that retains the valuable minerals that aids in your health.

There is No Salt, No Chemicals, No need for Backwashing or Electricity. It is safe for the environment and does not waste water.

  • No Salt
  • No Wasted Water
  • To Wasted Electricity
  • Reduces Scale Build-Up
  • Extends Life of Fixtures and Appliances
  • Keeps Beneficial Minerals in the Water
  • Clean Fresh Water at Every Faucet in Your Home
  • Safe for Landscaping
  • Safe for Pets
  • Safe for the Environment
  • Chemical Free
  • No Backwashing
  • No Heavy Bags of Salt
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